19 November 2014

xurnami: (darash)
If you are here, you should know who this is about.

This is Darash. See my cute icon up on this post. Xurnami is another part of my identity and has other posts here too.

To give a short summary of my identity: They/He/She pronouns are all acceptable and that would be about the order of preference. My default shapes avoid the binary completely and go to different extremes of non-binary shapes. Hyena is now default preference for species if people want to call me by that but I understand if people are still working off of old names and old species for quite a while. I'll only lightly poke people for the next few months.

[twitter.com profile] xurnami is the more "IC" and for those interested in the more explicit/"after dark" side of myself.

[twitter.com profile] darashhyena is the more "OOC" and for those interested more in what is going on with my offline life.

My previous entry has more information on who these characters are and what thier relationship is to one another.

Hello again.

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