28 September 2015

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We are about three months from the end of the year and I'm not doing well. I decided I'd write some stuff here and maybe I'd get some advice or help or something. Let's start by going over my goals that I set out on at the beginning of the year:

Survive one more year at my job
I'm barely doing this. Every day is just even more struggle. I got sent into a depressive spiral today just from someone close to me mentioning their job was doing better and the sort of things I wanted out of my job they were getting. This is an endurance task but I still feel like a failure.

Attend one year of Magic: the Gathering tournaments
I started strong on this but the issues of travel, depression from the job, and other things like that has made this go poorly. I still enjoy playing Magic but I'm not sure I can really do the grinder lifestyle. This I'm already counting as a failure.

Start brainstorming what to do next.
It is three months before I'm leaving and the realization of that has not fully broke to me. I'm still pondering this out but as of now still a failure.

Create a better online presence for myself
My lack of design skills is killing me on this. I attempted to contract some people for this near the beginning of the year but that completely fell through and I didn't pick it up again. Counting this as another failure.

Expand social circle
It is three months before the end of the year and I'm feeling more isolated than when I started. I have met exactly one person outside of my normal social circle and I'm feeling even more isolated and locked out from the social circle I though I had through various things that have happened. Counting this as a failure as well.

2015 has continued to be a shit year for me. I write this after attending Rainfurrest where I feel I was ignored and passed over by people who I thought were my friends.

About the only thing I can even consider having done this entire year is decide what I'm going to change my name to on government paperwork at some point. I've spent the entire year just running in place. I'm not the better person I wanted to be at the beginning of the year. Oh, and you might note this has the Xurnami icon and OOC, I've decided to get rid of Darash as a character. Still not sure how to move around Twitter accounts yet but that will happen at some point.

I'm not happy and I'm not sure what to do. I wasn't going to come to this to try and cry for help but I didn't have anywhere else to run.

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