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While this post is mostly directed at those local to me, there are bits at here for those I know online too.

I would like to talk or visit with many more of you much more often than I am. However, I have some social anxiety issues about being a bother to people. I don't know what mediums people feel are interruptive or they are most comfortable communicating with me over. I also have difficulty breaching the topic of inviting myself into other spaces in reality or virtually.

Here is a summary of my current schedule for people to work from:

Monday through Friday I am at my job. I work from home so my commute is zero time. I usually start around 9 am PST and am at work for 8 hours after. This means I am off work between 5pm and 6pm PST. On Mondays, I have a therapy appointment in the evening and am usually not up for socializing afterwards. Every other day of the week I am usually open for socializing. Due to my schedule, I usually eat immediately after work so if you want to do food, let me know before the end of my work day so I can take that into account and not do that.

For those not local to me, I am completely open to be interrupted during my work day. I might have a remote meeting or something which I have to focus on every so often but these are few and far between. I'll try my best to let you know before I have them and not leave you hanging.

I currently have no regular weekend plans so most weekends I am completely free from whenever I get up to when I get to sleep. I keep a schedule fairly close to my weekday schedule during the weekend where I get up and can start chatting around 9 am PST to make plans.

For locals, I live very close to Wayward Coffee. I would love to meet there for chatting, games, or working on projects. I can bring pretty much any game from my collection over as it is so close. I am also able to invite people back to my place now as I am now mostly moved in. I have to check with my roommate (Verdauga) but it can definitely be done.

If people want to share with me thier availablity schedules so I can figure out who I can bother safely when I would like to socialize, that would be great. I will be reaching out to some people directly to ask for that information myself. If you want a more private way to communicate this to me, there should be plenty of options on my profile page here.
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