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I disappeared for a bit after my most recent post and I figured that people deserved an update on that front.

I basically realized, with some help from people, that I was driving myself insane from staying at home all the time after work. Along with that, my therapist had suggested that I'm building a skillset for attracting attention to my depression in social media environments but that doing that is not the greatest use of my time either.

I spent the majority of this week getting out of the house and visiting other people instead. It was pretty great and I think I could stand to do even more than I did last week. I also re-re-re-started an exercise program and shifting my schedule around working with that which has also been helpful for dealing with my depression.

I'm going to be shifting downwards a bit just how much I am writing here except when I really have something to say that makes sense to this medium. I'm also going to move some posts to my website I'm working on to give them a more permanant location along with updates related to my recent realizations about asexuality.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me talk these things out and had me over in the past week. I hope to keep this up into the weeks, months, and years to come.
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