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This is an attempt to explain how get my attention to get me out of my apartment and visit with you. I am not great at talking about myself so if you have questions, please leave comments.

I am very much a loner but when I do get out of the house I am interested in sharing good food and then following that up with some sort of intellectually stimulating exercise. A good example of something I enjoy doing is going from a meal with lots of great discussion to sitting around a table and playing a designer board game. I'd prefer not too many people involved. About the number of people for your average board game (two to seven) is just about perfect. If you want me to bring a board game, I have plenty and can bring one I'm interested in. I have some that still haven't even been played yet. If you are interested in Magic: the Gathering, I have a variety of different decks I can bring if you give me an idea of your skill level.

I also have tons of side projects that I work on when I have a chance, so inviting me to be "alone together" in a public space is also a great way to get together with me. I can head to any number of different coffee shops, take a table, and enjoy some refreshing or stimulating beverages, while we each work on something interesting to us. Small amounts of accountability that I am working on something and not just fiddling with some new game is also appreciated and can be reciprocated if desired.

I am very bad at inviting myself. I do not wish to be a bother to people and so if you'd like to see me around, sending very explicit invitations to do one of the above things is extremely helpful to doing that.

I love learning new things about just about any topic too. If you are learning or doing absolutely anything interesting, I most likely want to hear about it. I'll have lots of questions and I just want to absorb new information from whatever you are up to. Just please, make sure that you are giving me a chance to follow along. I sometimes feel like I am so far behind on certain things and everyone else is talking about these things at a level that I'm not at and that I would interrupt the flow to bring it back to my level. I have spent a ten thousand hour chunk of my time focused on one particular field (computer programming) and while that has led me to some success, most of the people in the field are people I don't want to really interact with. If you are interested in this particular topic, I am more than interested in talking your ear off about it. Always feel free to tell me to stop too.

This also applies to online contact. If there a contact medium that you prefer for chatting, please tell me. I am more than willing to set things up to chat over it. I have some very idiosyncratic mechanisms for setting up chat so sometimes I just have forgotten to set it up recently if you have me on some medium and never see me around. I am always open to having people contact me at any time. My away message should be set correctly most of the time if I am not available. If I am set available, I am completely open to be contacted.
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If you are here, you should know who this is about.

This is Darash. See my cute icon up on this post. Xurnami is another part of my identity and has other posts here too.

To give a short summary of my identity: They/He/She pronouns are all acceptable and that would be about the order of preference. My default shapes avoid the binary completely and go to different extremes of non-binary shapes. Hyena is now default preference for species if people want to call me by that but I understand if people are still working off of old names and old species for quite a while. I'll only lightly poke people for the next few months.

[twitter.com profile] xurnami is the more "IC" and for those interested in the more explicit/"after dark" side of myself.

[twitter.com profile] darashhyena is the more "OOC" and for those interested more in what is going on with my offline life.

My previous entry has more information on who these characters are and what thier relationship is to one another.

Hello again.
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After seeing two pretty awesome intro posts, I decided to throw myself back out there.

Don't be alarmed if this face seems new to you, I am someone you know. Just rebuilding and putting on a more fitting form.

Please allow me to introduce myself. I'm a... )

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