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I decided that this year I am going to write down some goals for the upcoming year along with some basic tasks that I need to accomplish about them for people to see. If you have thoughts, comments, concerns, or otherwise, I am interested in hearing them.

Survive one more year at my job

Due to circumstances not fully under my control, my job has put me in a position where I can no longer get any advancement at all in it. However, if I stick around one more full year (quitting date of at least January 1st 2016), I end up with a huge payout. I have some frustration in my job due to the the lack of ability to advance which feeds some depression. The goal here is to just make it through this last year of work.

Attend one year of Magic: the Gathering tournaments

Due to some difficulties and frustrations around attending furry conventions, I am using the PTO time I have this year from my job to attend MtG tournaments around the country. I even start January 1st by attending Grand Prix Denver. I will be taking some weekends off to travel different places in the US and Canada along with attending some larger local tournaments to qualify for the big stage. My goal here is to either qualify for the Pro Tour once or at least figure out if I want to do another year of it.

Start brainstorming what is next and how to do that.

I have a few ideas for what I want to work on once I am no longer employed. I figure this next year is the time to figure that all out. My goal is to have at least have a few design documents/business plans written out and have had others look at them before I quit my job. As well, I need to figure out how I am going to manage myself without a job. Time management and other things will be important so figuring out a good toolset to use for that.

Create a better online presence for myself

I have been working off and on for a website to represent that Xurnami as a CEO of a corporation role. My goal is to roll this out with my commissioned artwork as well as move some blogging onto there. There is also work on resetting how I connect to different messaging systems to work better and maintain my various servers. This is stuff that will be useful for when I strike out on my own. I also plan to use this work to build a presence for my government alias. The goal here is to have a well managed collection of servers and online presences not connected as much to the big systems.

Expand social circle

From various things that happened over the past year, my social circle shifted severely and not always in the most pleasant ways. I want to try and open up more and have more people around me in the next year. Both adding people online and off though with some bias towards offline. One thing you might notice about these goals, except for the one about my online presence, do not involve side project programming. Even then, the side project programming is a means not an end (Reminder to self: stop bikeshedding!). I am going to spend that time I would have spent writing a compiler or other things like that working on doing more socially focused activities instead.

Five large overarching goals for 2015. My 2014 was kind of shit and so here is hoping that 2015 goes much better and I make forward progress somewhere on all of it.

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