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Today I saw a tweet talking about media and it reminded me that I wanted to talk about my own personal media consumption habits especially with respect to my friend's circle. (Thank you to [personal profile] krinndnz for sharing this particular tweet.)

When it comes to me consuming media, the hierarchy is very tilted in the direction of text and static images. I spend most of my day consuming those via Twitter and other news sites. I have a very good mental filter on those mediums so that I can follow a larger amount of stuff than I can comfortably actually consume and instead just filter away most of it without tools. I also have a collection of podcasts which I listen to on walks when I take typing breaks. Occasionally, I will find a technical talk through this and watch it during my work hours as I feel it is helping improve my skills. Once I'm off work, video content that I consume is mostly in the form of Magic: the Gathering related material as that is now a very common way that is transmitted now. I have a big plan to get better at that game and attending lots of tournaments for that over the next year so that's something I'd like to continue doing.

Edit: I consume music content quite constantly, usually during work hours as it blocks out other noise and gives me something to focus on to help me focus on work. I mostly listen to electronic leaning music, mashups, pop, and then an ecclectic collections of other stuff. I used to avoid the stereotypical "country and rap" but then found quite a number of those things which I enjoyed too.

I cannot process during my work hours most video content as it takes too much bandwidth for me to program during it. Also, one of the other things I enjoy doing while off work is also programming. This means that most other content that requires video is very rarely consumed by me. The list of TV series which I have consumed in their entirety is relative small: 30 Rock, Arrested Development, Fawlty Towers, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I've watched large portions of MLP:FiM but not even that I'm fully caught up on.

I have watched more movies but not a number of recent ones like Guardians of the Galaxy. Last movie I saw in a theater was Avatar. I was even relatively recently introduced to the Back to the Future trilogy. Most of the more artistic short films which interest me I've also just not had a good source on either.

When it comes to Anime, that is even further down the list. I don't believe I've ever even watched a full series though I have seen some of the classic films like Princess Mononoke and Ghost in the Shell but nothing beyond that.

And beyond that when it comes to video games, I have consumed even less. I've watched more hours of other people playing video games than I've played them myself. I think the only two games which have a complete plot which I've played myself to completion are Portal 1 and 2.

The reason I bring all of this up is that a large number of my friends are much heavier consumers of all this media than myself. And from that comes an assumption that there is lots of shared memes and references among that collected group of media. This sometimes leave me feeling a bit cold in conversations because something will happen and I'll be pulled in media res to a deep reference to some media and everyone around me will get it and I'll just laugh nervously as the conversation slips to that direction for a while. Sometimes I get the courage to try and ask "What this this a reference to?" but sometimes the conversation moves too fast and my social anxiety tells me to just sink back.

I'm definitely interested in consuming more of the good media that my friends recommend but it is not an extremely high priority for me at the moment. If someone wants to arrange some time spent enjoying some good media with me, I'd definitely be interested in that as a social experience. I recently watched Over the Garden Wall with [personal profile] indicoyote, [personal profile] elanna, [personal profile] toyemanate, and others recently and would find that quite enjoyable to do something like that again.

I would like to be able to join in more, so when you have a chance, bring me along for a trip. :)

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