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In a recent post, I discussed that I wanted to start doing some stuff with makeup. Shortly after that post, I ended up purchasing things from Amazon.

I could have gone down the street to the drug store to get nail polish but still being somewhat nervous about gender presentation stuff I ended up ordering it online. It took about a week for everything to show up but now I have it. Also, I feel much more confident ordering such things through that medium. I feel once I have the first coat on, I'll be more comfortable going into a store for it instead. I also had heard from some friends that it is great for stopping nail biting which is an awful habit of mine I'd like to stop.

It was also brought to my attention during the past week about Enter Pronoun concealer. I ended up ordering that from Amazon as well since shipping was cheaper through them.

There are two goals for this. The primary goal is queering my gender presentation. I would like to present to people a much less cismale identity in most circumstances. These feel like subtle things I can do to push a stranger's impression of me away from that.

Secondly, I am in the future interested in exploring other ways of experiencing anything close to transformation. Using makeup to achieve that effect is something I'd be interested in exploring and jumping right into the deep end seems like it'll lead to difficulty. Taking some smaller steps through concealer seems like it would be helpful in that direction.

Tonight, I'm going to try painting my nails for the first time. Wish me luck. Pictures to come soon too.

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